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Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

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Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
Compressed Air Solutions.

MultiPlexTM Large Capacity Compressed Air Dryers
3200 - 19200 scfm

MultiPlexTM dryers provide large capacity refrigerated drying capacity with ZEKS True-Cycling operating efficiencies and the advantage of CFX stainless steel exchanger technology. Our large capacity compressed air dryers reduce air treatment downtime potential.

  • Independent refrigeration systems
  • Multiple air treatment modules
  • Energy-saving True-Cycling operation
  • Expandable to accomodate production growth

Each independent air-treatment module is separately controlled and operated based on demand. If servicing or repair is needed, the module(s) that remain on-line continue to dry their portion of the compressed air. Moisture and contaminants are efficiently separated from the air stream and automatically discharged from the dryer.

MultiPlex HSFM Catalog – 3200-19200 scfm


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